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With a high-converting and responsive shopify website
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Shopify website development agency
shopify website development agency


Choose one of the most powerful platforms to build your ecommerce store.
We are talking about Produit + Shopify.

Customized ecommerce solutions for your specific needs
Affordable pricing for your Shopify requirements
Get your online store in just 8 weeks
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Produit Offers

Custom Shopify Website development Services

Custom Shopify Development
Your brand is unique and so are your ecommerce requirements. Our developers design and deliver pristine ecommerce stores for your brand using Shopify integrating custom features and designs.
Responsive Shopify Website
79% of smartphone users shop on their mobiles. We ensure you never miss a sale opportunity by providing you with a mobile-responsive Shopify website which helps your customers buy on the go.
Custom Shopify App development Services
We build custom modules for your Shopify online storefront so you stand out from the crowd unique to the core.
Site Migration

We understand you might already have a website that you’d like to migrate to Shopify. We provide migration service to get your business on a more robust and scalable ecommerce platform like Shopify.

Custom Shopify App development company

Our Shopify developers can build you custom themes that reflect your brand’s essence in every aspect of your online store.

Maintenance and Support

We provide you with every bit of support you need for your Shopify store, right from installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and required feature upgrades from time-to-time.

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Produit is Shopify Website Development Agency

Produit can help with both design and development of your online store built on the Shopify platform to help you get your products out to more customers. We help you build functional, scalable, attractive, mobile responsive Shopify ecommerce stores that are key to business growth. Wield the power of one of the most-loved and powerful ecommerce platforms in the world with Produit.


Shopify Developer


Customer Support

We follow a clear and detailed, phase-by-phase approach to ensure there are no gaps in the design and development process, all this in just 8 weeks.

Really simple pricing from shopify website
development agency

No hidden fees, Money back guarantee 

Up to 50 Products

15 days
Perfect for startups
  • Strategy & Information
  • Readymade Theme
  • UX/UI Design
  • Setup & Configuration
  • Tracking Code Deployment
  • 5 Hours Customisation
  • Beta Release
  • Alpha Release
  • Development & Launch
No credit card required

Up to 75 Products

30 Days
Perfect for company
  • Strategy & Information
  • Custom Design Theme
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Setup & Configuration
  • Tracking Code Deployment
  • 20 Hours Customisation
  • Beta Release
  • Alpha Release & Launch
No credit card required

Up to 100 Products

45 Days
Perfect for business
  • Strategy & Information
  • Custom Design Theme
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Setup & Configuration
  • Tracking Code Deployment
  • 40 Hours Customisation
  • Beta Release
  • Alpha Release & Launch
No credit card required
Add-ons Price
Additional Hours $25
*The above estimates are ballpark figures. The final quote will depend upon a number of factors.


/ month
40 Hours/ Month
  • Minimum 40 Hours
  • Flexible Requirements
  • Skype, Email, Phone
  • Project Management
  • Billing: Monthly
No credit card required


/ month
80 Hours/ Month
  • Minimum 30 Days
  • Half-time Benefits
  • Skype, Email, Phone
  • Project Management
  • Billing: Monthly
No credit card required


/ month
160 Hours/ Month
  • Minimum 30 Days
  • Dedicated to you
  • Skype, Email, Phone
  • Project Management
  • Billing Monthly
No credit card required

People love us

Here's what our customers say about us

Excellent service and Great development team!

Sandro Ore

Head Of Marketing Ventura Law Firm
The team gave lots of efforts in the development of our project. We are very happy with their services and work they provided us.

Vishal Narula

Co-Founder Sparsh Tv
Their ability and desire to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction is met.

Reece Obasuyi

Founder Blelp

Frequently asked questions

Haven't got your answer? Contact our support now
Why hire a custom <b>shopify website development agency</b>?
Hiring a Shopify development agency can give you the creative freedom you need to grow your business without worrying about the technical nitty-gritties. We will build you a user-centric website which will be easily scalable and nothing but delightful for your end consumers. Let us do what we do best while you focus on what you do best!
Do you build custom Plugins and Themes for (Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Shopify)?

Yes, we do build custom Plugins and Themes based on your budget and requirements. Our aim is to give you and your customers a thorough and delightful user experience which would be incomplete without custom themes and features that reflect your brand’s essence to the core.

How can I track my project’s development and progress?

At Produit, we provide client panel for our clients to keep track of the project’s development internally, however, we are always open to accommodate with the tools your team feels more comfortable with.

If I have to change one of my web development resources while in the middle of the contract, what should I do?

While we ensure you have the best resources to help achieve your business goals, we do understand that sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances these situations may arise. As such, we give all our clients the option to change resources, if need be, in the middle of the contract.

Will I get a dedicated Project Manager for my development services?
While we do provide a Project Manager to oversee your project requirements, a dedicated Project Manager is optional and can be hired based on your specific WordPress development requirements. We will always stay connected with you and keep you up to date on all that’s happening on the project.
Will I receive reports and updates of work done?

We believe in complete transparency to ensure smooth and seamless working relationships between the Produit and client teams. As such we ensure that we keep our clients updated on all progress at all times. On top of that, our Project Manager will provide you with reports of work done on an hourly basis. In case it’s required, we can also provide you with weekly and monthly reports.

What is the most significant benefit of choosing to work with Produit’s dedicated web development team?

With 5+ years of experience of delivering 200+ websites and solutions across platforms and industries globally, our team has amassed knowledge and expertise which is unparalleled when it comes to website development services. Our core mantra “No detail is too small” has helped our teams deliver websites that are pure perfection to say the least. With our services we not only provide you with website development services, but also we remove the hassles of finding the right developer, hiring, training, retention and a zillion such everyday tasks which drain your focus and energy. With the Produit team working on your website, you’ll feel like you have yet another in-house team minus the hassles of management.

Does your agency offer post-completion maintenance and support?

Absolutely! We offer the best in industry maintenance and support both pre- and post-completion and always on standby to help if the need arises. You can check plans here.

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