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The Brief

For more than 60 years, Ventura Law has served as a trusted legal source of expertise in Connecticut and the Tri-State Area.

Ventura Law attorneys have a distinguished record of providing first-rate counsel to individuals, public entities, and businesses. As a leader in car accident cases, Ventura Law is known for their expertise, skill, and commitment to their clients, and can compete on the same level as larger, nationwide and global firms. Their attorneys uphold the highest standards of the legal profession.



Ventura Law’s previous branding and web presence did not effectively convey the firm’s engaging and dynamic atmosphere. The website’s design and structure was antiquated, and the logo’s primary color of blue created a formal and subdued environment which did not align with the energy and expertise of the firm’s lawyers. This ultimately hindered Ventura Law’s ability to distinguish itself from its competitors.




UI, UX, Strategy, Concept and WordPress Development


Ventura Law firm website has taken advantage of our specialized skillset in web accessibility to ensure their website meets the standards of web accessibility guidelines and regulations. Our team has implemented modern web accessibility methods to construct a multi language website, in addition to comprehensive accessibility assessment.

This page has been designed to ensure that critical information is readily apparent upon arrival. Visitors can easily access the contact information of professionals simply by hovering their mouse over their image.

Footer Navigation



our aim was to create a law firm website that was as effective and agile as the company itself. To achieve this, we developed a straightforward and user-friendly layout with intuitive navigation features. We included all the essentials and provided an uncomplicated route for visitors to really start using the site. Additionally, we incorporated an approach known as “Intelligent Content Linking” to link relevant pages, content, and personnel in an organic manner.

At Produit, we understand the unique needs of the legal landscape and are proud to have provided our services to Ventura Law. Our design team crafted a custom user experience that incorporated intuitive navigation and an uncomplicated interface. We also utilized our “Intelligent Content Linking” technique to offer a comprehensive law firm website that was as efficient and responsive as the firm itself. We are confident that our work has created a website that allows users to explore the site with ease.

Our team has created an effective, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing presentation of Ventura Law’s offerings.

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